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L’Oréal is the world’s largest manufacturer of high-quality cosmetics, perfumes, and hair and skincare products. Based in the heart of London, their elegant UK head office covers more than 110,000 square feet, over 8 floors and features a range of room types, many of which have luxury fixtures and fittings. The Facilities Management requirement of this expansive site includes all services in the MAR portfolio. Moving away from multiple individual contractors to a full-service provider, the client required a partner who would rapidly grasp the complexities of the contract and provide a flexible, high-quality solution.

110,100 Sq ft. – Luxury Offices

ARPIL 2020

The challenge

L’Oréal’s Hammersmith based HQ presented a complex and extensive challenge. Having previously fulfilled their requirements through a combination of various individual contractors and internal operations, L’Oréal was now keen to move to a provider who could supply the complete range of Facilities Management services. In becoming the one-stop service provider, MAR was very cognizant of the human aspects of the project. These included, a large-scale TUPE transfer of numerous colleagues, carrying out all necessary upskilling and integrating a dedicated management team. All of this delivered while avoiding the occupants of the facility experiencing any significant levels of disruption.

In addition, L’Oréal placed heavy emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility, expecting any potential future partner to match their commitment and enthusiasm for sustainability and to demonstrate their dedication to ethical strategy and practices.

The solution

MAR approached the L’Oréal contract with a holistic view of the operation, understanding and acknowledging the nuances of the various needs and focusing on how all of the services could be seamlessly delivered. As a business, MAR has developed a detailed understanding of how to successfully manage the TUPE transfer process. Considered planning, careful vetting, clear communication and plenty of reassurance resulted in the efficient provision of a highly-skilled, content and committed team.

Attention then shifted to reviewing and improving the existing FM operations. To provide the highest possible quality of service, MAR implemented its CAFM system – a web-based solution that allowed for streamlined recording and monitoring of all site requirements. Capturing information in this manner allowed MAR to prioritise and focus on a number of key areas that were ongoing repetitive issues and effectively delegate resources. This rapidly resulted in a noticeable improvement to the environment. The day to day service delivery of all of L’Oréal’s FM requirements are overseen by an MAR implant management team, that is located full-time within the Hammersmith building. This significant investment in people and service at the coalface, enabled MAR to not only provide the required services to an optimum level, but also ensured that we effectively act as an extension of the L’Oréal internal team, with the associated emotional commitment to the client’s business.

L’Oréal’s desire to work with an ethical and sustainable partner also played to one of MAR’s key strengths, the company having obtained it’s first ISO accreditation in 2010 for environmental responsibility. As evidence of this MAR has gone on to introduce eco-friendly products within L’Oréal and is a good example of our commitment to becoming a carbon neutral business by 2030.

In summary

Extensive experience in managing the TUPE transfer process, continuous reinvestment into people, technology and innovation, and our ability to stand shoulder to shoulder with industry leaders in sustainability, were some of the primary elements that made MAR the right fit for such a house-hold brand as L’Oréal. The L’Oréal contract continues to evolve, with MAR expanding on the services carried out and providing continuous opportunities for further development.

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